What is a typical Implementation Process for implementing Oracle Fusion SaaS Cloud?

A functional implementation of Fusion Applications typically includes the following steps. 1. Plan 2. Configure 3. Setup 4. Deploy 5. Maintain


Identify the offerings you want to implement. Evaluate what functional areas and features to opt in to and prepare accordingly for their setup requirements.


Opt in to the offerings, functional areas, and features that best fit your business requirements by enabling them. 


Use setup tasks to enter setup data necessary for your enabled offerings and functional areas. Typically, you set up and verify your transaction processes in a test environment before starting to transact in a production environment.


Move your verified setup data from the test environment to a production environment and deploy to all users to start transaction processing. For more detailed information, refer to the Setup Data Export and Import chapter in the Using Functional Setup Manager guide.


Update setup data or opt in to configuration of the functional areas and features as necessary when your business requirements change over time.

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