What are Functional Areas and its Features in Oracle Fusion SaaS Cloud?

A functional area represents one or more business sub-processes and activities within its parent offering.

It may represent a core operation of the offering or may represent an optional activity which may or may not be applicable to your business.

When you start to implement an offering by enabling it, core functional areas are enabled automatically. You have a choice to opt in to and enable an optional functional area or to opt out of it.

A functional area may be divided into smaller functional areas creating a hierarchy to help you to decide what to opt in to one step at a time. Some of the functional areas may be applicable to more than one offering.

Once you set up a shared functional area, you don't have to set it up again when implementing another parent offering. However, Oracle recommends that during successive implementation of the other parents you verify if there are any offering-specific tasks that may still require your attention.


Features are optional business practices or methods applicable to the functional areas. Like functional areas, you can decide to opt in to or opt out of features depending on the requirements of your business processes.

Features can be one of three different types:

  1. Yes or No: These features allow you either to opt in to or to opt out of them and are represented by a single check box. You select them to opt in to or deselect them to opt out.
  2. Single Choice: These features offer multiple choices but allow you to select only one option. Select the option applicable to your business processes. 
  3. Multi-Choice: These features offer multiple choices but allow you to select more than one of the choices. Each choice is presented with a check box. Select all that apply to your business processes by checking the appropriate choices.

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