Recommendations for implementing Labeling using Oracle EBS MSCA

Define your labeling approach, formats and acquire the labeling software.

  1. Mobile Supply Chain Applications solutions require label format design and printing software. Oracle selects the right format, formulates the substitution data, and creates an XML string to pass to the labeling software, but the labeling software must be used to design the form layout and drive the printer.

  2. Use Certified Label Design Software - if the label design software you have is not mapped to XML, it requires additional time during implementation to map the XML. If you use certified Label design software, defining, installing, configuring and printing labels should take less than 4 hours.

  3. Use Templates to design label formats - Do not format labels from scratch. Use the predefined label formats on the label design software and adjust.

  4. Concatenate Location Labels - concatenate subinventory and location labels to reduce scanning

  5. Define and test your labeling process, including software, formats, and standards

  6. Test with the actual barcode labels and ribbon stock.

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