What is a Subinventory and how to create it in Oracle Fusion SaaS Cloud?

Define at least one subinventory for each inventory organization of item and inventory management usage.

There are two different kinds of subinventories:

  • Storage subinventories

  • Receiving subinventories

Storage Subinventories

A storage subinventory is used to store material in the warehouse. Material in a storage subinventory is reflected in on-hand quantity.

Receiving Subinventories

A receiving subinventory is used to temporarily store material before placing in a storage subinventory. Material in a receiving subinventory isn't reflected in on-hand quantity. An inventory organization need not contain a receiving subinventory.

The step-by-step process to create a Subinventory has been described in detail in the below mentioned video:


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