How to Use Implementation Projects to Manage Setup in Oracle Fusion SaaS Cloud Implementation?

An implementation project is a list of setup tasks you use to implement your Fusion Applications.

Using this method, you create an implementation project to generate a list of setup tasks, assign tasks to various users who are responsible for managing setup data, and monitor progress of the completion of the setup tasks.

This method is best suited to modify the default setup best practices, or manage setup as a project by assigning responsibility of managing setup data to a broad group of users while monitoring their progress.

Generating a Task List

When you create an implementation project, typically you generate its initial list of tasks by selecting one of your enabled offerings. If you plan to use more than one offering, create a separate implementation project for each one of them. In addition to selecting an offering, which automatically selects its core functional areas, you may also select none, some, or all of the optional functional areas of the offering that are also enabled.

Assigning Setup Tasks

You can assign the tasks of an implementation project to the users who are responsible for managing setup data represented by those tasks. Typically, each setup task is assigned to a single individual.

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