How to setup and define Oracle Fusion Project Billing Cloud Configuration?

The Define Project Billing Configuration activity, you configure enterprise contracts and project billing components to invoice customers and recognize revenue for project contracts in Project Financial Management.

The following lists the essential setup tasks in the Define Project Billing Configuration activity:

  1. Define Contracts Configuration for Project Billing
  2. Manage Contract Layout Templates
  3. Manage Contract Types
  4. Specify Customer Contract Management Business Function Properties
  5. Define Project Contract Parties
  6. Define Project Contract Roles
  7. Define Project Contract Types and Lookups
  8. Define Project Contract Business Unit Options
  9. Define General Project Billing Setup
  10. Define Project Billing Common Reference Objects
  11. Manage Project Billing Descriptive Flexfields
  12. Manage Project Types: Billing Indicator
  13. Manage Work Types: Billing Indicator
  14. Manage Billing Cycles
  15. Manage Event Types
  16. Manage Revenue Methods
  17. Manage Invoice Methods
  18. Define Project Billing Business Unit Options


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