How to rapidly setup and implement Oracle Fusion Project Management Cloud?

CSV File Packages

To create or update setup data in bulk, use the export and import of CSV file packages. Use CSV file packages to manage setup data of a specific task or a group of tasks associated with a functional area or offering.

In the Setup and Maintenance work area, from the Actions menu, use the Export to CSV File and Import to CSV File links to edit and upload the CSV files with the set up data.

Rapid Implementation

Use this feature to quickly set up the Project Financial Management or Grants Management offerings by populating and loading the Rapid Implementation for Project Financial Management Applications macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet.

The below table lists the Rapid Implementation tasks included in the Define Project Financial Management Configuration for Rapid Implementation task list.

Task Description
Create Project Financial Management Setup Data

Use this task to download the rapid implementation spreadsheet.

After downloading the rapid implementation spreadsheet you can start entering your setup data.

Load Project Financial Management Setup Data Use this task to load the setup data into the application.



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