How to Generate Setup Data Reports?

You can generate setup data reports and download them for reviewing. You can download a consolidated report for all exported business objects or a report for a specific business object.

To download and review setup data reports, follow these steps.

  1. If you ran an export process already and want to use the setup data reports that were generated as a result, then select the export process status to go to process results page once the process completes successfully.
  2. To generate setup data reports for an offering or a functional area without running an export process, follow these steps.
    1. Click Actions > Setup Data Reports > Create New for an offering or a functional area as applicable.
    2. Accept the confirmation message.
    3. Continue to monitor the process until it completes successfully.
    4. Select the status to go to the Export and Import Process Results page.
  3. Use Download Setup Data Reports:
    1. At the page level to download a consolidated report of setup data from all exported business objects.
    2. Or, at the individual business object level to download the report for that specific business object.
  4. Save and open the .zip file to review the details. If you download the consolidated report, then the .zip file contains one .zip file for each of the exported business object.

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