What are the key features of Oracle Fusion Lease Accounting Cloud?

Introduction and benefits of Oracle Fusion Lease Accounting Cloud

Oracle Lease Accounting is a financial application that helps create and maintain leases in a single repository.

Lease Accounting covers both expense and revenue lease creation, generation of payment and revenue schedules, and transfer of accounting information seamlessly to Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables.

What are the key activities required prior to going live with Oracle EBS MSCA?

Its recommended to do following activities prior to going live with Oracle MSCA:

  1. Thoroughly test all data conversion and cut-over processes prior to production.

Recommendations for implementing Labeling using Oracle EBS MSCA

Define your labeling approach, formats and acquire the labeling software.

  1. Mobile Supply Chain Applications solutions require label format design and printing software. Oracle selects the right format, formulates the substitution data, and creates an XML string to pass to the labeling software, but the labeling software must be used to design the form layout and drive the printer.

How Concatenating Fields Using Delimiter Profile works for Barcode Concatenation in Oracle MSCA?

You can design barcodes to include two data fields in a single scan. 

Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications supports the use of a delimiter character for combinations of data fields frequently concatenated into a single barcode.