Can one Project Contract fund multiple projects and Associated with Multiple Operating Units?


User is unable to select multiple Projects at Contract Header.

User can select only one Project at the Contract Header. As a result User is not able to select project at Contract lines which are not associated to Contract Header information


A single Contract can fund multiple projects.. This way would be a little different as there is a need to associate multiple projects to a single project first in the Projects module itself.

Under Projects --> Tasks -->, there is 'Sub Project Association ' under the Task Details section, so there is a need to have a master Indirect project which will have multiple tasks and to each of these tasks,  need to attach Contract projects as Sub Projects.

How the Inventory Organization, Subinventory and Locators tie together in a Business Unit?

You can structure the relationship of inventory organizations, subinventories, and locators to match the physical structure of your warehouse.
For example, one inventory organization contains two subinventories. One subinventory contains no locators, and the other subinventory contains two locators.

What is a Subinventory and how to create it in Oracle Fusion SaaS Cloud?

Define at least one subinventory for each inventory organization of item and inventory management usage.

There are two different kinds of subinventories:

  • Storage subinventories

  • Receiving subinventories

Storage Subinventories

A storage subinventory is used to store material in the warehouse. Material in a storage subinventory is reflected in on-hand quantity.

How to create a Legal Entity in Oracle Fusion Cloud?

Legal Entity is an entity identified and given rights and responsibilities under commercial law through the registration with the country's appropriate authority. For example, Orange Corporation Limited.

You define a legal entity for each registered company or other entity recognized in law for which you want to record assets, liabilities, and income, pay transaction taxes, or perform intercompany trading.